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Normandy Landing Beaches

Sainte-Mère-Église 147 km - The town played a significant part in the World War II Normandy landings and was one of the first towns to be liberated in the invasion.  An effigy now hangs from the church spire remembering the paratrooper caught by his parachute and pretended to be dead for 2 hours before being taken prisoner by the Germans.  Airborne Museum


Utah Beach 151 Km - Western most beach in Normandy where US troops landed on D-day in June 1944.  Utah Beach landing Museum


Omaha Beach 159 Km - Was the most intensely fought after beach on D-day.  World War II cemetery and memorial


Gold Beach 152 km - No 47 (RM) Commando was the last British Commando unit to land and came ashore here.


Juno Beach 155 km - One of the five sectors of the Allied invasion where by the end of D-day 30,000 Canadians had been successfully landed.


Sword Beach 151 Km - The furthest east of the five beaches targeted for D-Day where the regular British infantry came ashore with light casualties.


Caen-Normandy Memorial Centre for History and Peace 135km

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