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A story from the heart written by guests staying in

Le Fournil at Le Pas Cru over Christmas and New year 2023.

By entering the path we could already feel the cracking sound of the stones under our feet. The world was not coming with us.  At first she hesitated but after opening the front door, she let us go.


And so Le Fournil became a place to shelter. A place where the days had no longer a name and where the time appeared to have time.  A place where the day began after the darkness of the night. As it is supposed to be naturally, this became our rhythm.


Getting  up at the dawn of the day and embrace the day as much as we could, and so we were able to experience and see a lot.  Every day too, we were looking forward to go home, because that’s how it felt for awhile, Le Fournil appeared to be our home.


The place where the stove burnt and the food tasted so much better. The place where we learned to see each other again and where there was recognition when I looked in the mirror ‘There you are’ is what I thought ‘where have you been lately’.


Thank you.  Tricia and Mark, for making it possible for us, and so many others to shelter for a while.  To leave the world behind and find ourselves back again I cherish forever this place exists 

May 2022 - A Short Story About

"Le Pas Cru"

By Theodora

I went to Trans La Foret and found a small loving “England” in the middle of Brittany, an enchanting cottage full of inspiration. If you open your heart you will encounter wonderful moments.


A fawn greets you on the first morning, barely having rubbed the sleep from your eyes, by lightly knocking on the kitchen door. It lets you share in it’s grace and looks back again to capture your longing in your eyes and take it with you into the dark woods.


The little mice surprise you at lunch with a quick jumpy dance and disappear into their mouse hole as quickly as they came. If you listen closely, you’ll hear their chit-chat and the latest gossip of the region.

If you wonder leisurely through the garden and look into the little pool, amidst beautiful white caffa lilies, a little goldfish bubbles at the surface and he is a little offended, because he is always the last to be discovered. And if you still remain to listen to the rustling of the trees, in awe of the Breton wind, the forest spirits and goblins will reward you, because only the goblins can open the door to the beautiful elves and you can hear their melodies and their chant in the tree tops and the surrounding harps…..

September 2022 – A lovely cottage and garden.  We’ve enjoyed wildlife spotting – deer, coypu, red squirrel, owls, hedgehog, woodpeckers and a variety of other birds.  It’s all so peaceful and a great place for relaxing.

August 2022 - This is the most beautiful holiday home we have ever had!  The garden is lovely, the silence relaxing and the wildlife surprising.

July 2022 – We spent a lovely time in your beautiful & superb house.  Ideal to get to know the region and we enjoyed the wonderful garden with the flowers, the squirrels, birds, butterflies and deer.

June 2022 – We had a wonderful stay in your gite.  The garden and the gite are amazing.  We love the surroundings including the “wild” life.  Too bad we have to leave already.  Hope to be back soon.

May 2022 – It’s peaceful, it’s perfect, it’s beautiful, it’s tasteful, it’s so far from Covid and war, it’s paradise, it’s comfortable, it’s cosy.  What else can we say!!

April 2022 – We cannot thank you enough for our stay here.  It is a beautiful cottage and stunning region.  We have been so very happy. The wildlife in the garden has kept us entertained.  This truly is a little spot of heaven and we feel incredibly lucky to have spent time here.

April 2022 – Our stay here has enabled us to immerse ourselves in the serenity of Le Pas Cru.  The many moments of stillness punctuated by the excitement of spotting the local wildlife Mr(s) red squirrel, blue tits, woodpecker, jays, chaffinch & wild deer.  To Tricia & Mark, thank you for the solace and the gifts of your hard work & craftmanship.  We will be back!

March 2022 – Thank you for your lovely tranquil gite and garden which we have thoroughly enjoyed.  Especially watching birds and deer passing by in the garden.

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